Wednesday, 2 July 2014


I love eating out, especially in beautiful restaurants, and this week I found one of my favourite restaurants yet: The Cherry Hill. We've drove past it many a times and shunned it as 'just another garden centre', but man were we wrong. It's colour coordinated throughout the entire store, selling the cutest pieces from bohemian decorations, to gigantic vases. But what I loved about it the most, was the interior design of the restaurant itself. Personally I love all things white as not only does it have a certain elegance, it's timeless... Just like this place.

Outside was a peaceful waterfall that I sat by whilst I ate my lunch. Apologies for variations in image sizes, I didn't take these photographs on my DSLR, they were from my phone. I promise to go back and photograph the place properly.

 Song of the day:
Stacey Kent- Waiter, oh waiter

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