Thursday, 31 July 2014



Well I've just arrived back at home after what I can only describe as the best four days of my ENTIRE life. Generally speaking, most feel happiest when they're jamming to their favourite bands but this festival added a whole new spin on your generic, musical camping experience. Without advocating a cliché or stereotype, the folk there- the ones I met- were persistently happier than you could possibly imagine, and had a deep love for hearing the stories of others. These people are forever my kind of people, and having so many of them in one over-flowing capacity brought out the most euphoric side of myself.

  I'm feeling very inspired to write at the minute but with this particular topic, well, there are no words that can do it even a quarter of the justice it deserves. 


      Below is a photograph of the sunflower field that you were lead to when entering your average- or so you thought- portaloo...

    I was extremely lucky to not only discover new music, but to actually meet the masterminds behind the music and hang with them. Please check out my friend's band 'The Dirty Gentlemen'- you won't be disappointed.

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Song of the day:
Superfood- Superfood

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