Tuesday, 16 December 2014


It's certainly a truth that you feel crazily inspired when you least expect it as here I am shooting in my apartment living room, swinging my hair back and forth with a pineapple- real not faux- as a prop. The inspiration behind the impromptu shoot was the pineapple itself. I caught a glimpse of it lying around the apartment and realised how much aesthetic pleasure it gave to a simple stack of magazines, and found it interesting how something as generic and 'ordinary' as a fruit can be wildly beautiful. The movement wasn't actually intended until I decided to dance around, and the camera- naturally- caught a snap of my hair slightly raised into the air... And that's when the idea came to me. And as you know, I am The Average Fruit.

Before criticism, the photographs are deliberately off focus in places as I like the idea of you being able to see the movement I am making. The still shots are of different vibrancy as the shutter speed was faster than it was when I shot the moving frames, so more light from the wall light/pink tinsel combination was consumed by the camera.


Song of the day:
Sugarhill Gang- Double Dutch Bus

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